As good as the famous imported auxilaries

    ShangHai HANHENG Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd mainly deals with auxiliaries used in fur & leather, textiles dyeing & finishing. We work hard as we can in order to reach the quality of the exported ones. The following are our products can be used in fur & leather industry.

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Brief introduction:

LEVELAG HA: can be used with acid dyes,to snow top dyes, this product mainly used in fox, rabbit, minks, etc., the common dosage is 0.3g/L.

LEVELAG HAL: mainly used in woolly sheep skins, the color difference is rather low.

HUPAX EH: no foam, 1/2 dosage of Invaderm LU, has no bad influence to the dyed hair.

The degreasers such as HS-800A, TE, HPK: all of them are nononic, the effects are same as the famous expored ones, the former two products are environmental ones, APEO is free.

LIQUOR STABLIZER GAF: very good dispersing and emulsifying power help the fatliquor well-distributed in skins.

FUR LUSTER HFG, mainly used in lustering in drums with sawdust, also can be used in water after dyeing.

FUNCTIONAL OIL SW-20, you can spray the combination of SW-20: WATER=1: 3 OR 1: 4 to the leather side before leather buffing, the suede has very good feeling like silk, the suede feeling is very strong.

BLEACH ASSIST MBL: protect the hairs and leather from damage in bleaching process.

Wetting and Dye deeper agent HLM: this product is a combination of rather special phosphate with kinds of non-ionic emulsifiers. It can give a rather deep color when used with Eukesolar dyes to dye the "carbon"car back.

Dyeing auxiliary FFC: this product can lighten the color of leather side when used with Eukesolar dyes to dye the car back.

The information above are based on our experience and results from our lab and related factories, just for your reference.

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